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UVL Biotec – 500 Tablets for Sale

UVL Biotec Uses

-Against cold and your complications for resistance!
-Where others cannot Biotec has shown high effectiveness and be the most wanted antibiotic in Mexico, USA and Latin America.
It is recommended for breeding, reproduction, care, pelecha, general maintenance of the bird.
Helps in the treatment of a broad spectrum of complicated respiratory problems.
The problem of colds is that they are associated with mycoplasma, e-Coli, Pasteurella or other pathogens and where a specialist is required.

UVL Biotec 500 Tablets Dose:

* in small chickens give 1/4 tablet
* IN CHICKENS 3 TO 6 MONTHS 1/2 tablet for 5 consecutive days.
* in adult roosters a daily tablet for 5 consecutive days.

How to Administer During Care;

1 DAILY TABLET 3 days prior to the start of the care.

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