Prosteron Black Horse – 5ml


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Prosteron Black Horse – 5ml for Sale

PROSTERON – 5 ML is a  synthetic glucorticoid hormone with dexamethasone phosphate which simulates the effect of corticosteroids producing natural dexamethasone in the body. This hormone is ideal for those who are looking to acquire great endurance in races and a strong pain blocker.

Benefits of Prosteron Black Horse – 5ml:

  • Increase blood glucose levels
  • Decrease convertion of fatty acids
  • Enhance oxygen usage & decreases actic lacid
  • Block all types of pain

Composition of Prosteron Black Horse – 5ml

Each 1 ml contains:
Synthetic glucocorticoid hormone ………………. 500 mg
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate …………….. 0,2 mg


1 ml IV or IM

Suggested Racing Administration And Dosages

Horses / Horses: 2,5 ml every one week or 15 days – IV / IM

TIP: Prosteron works even better when combined with Gonadorelin


5 ml

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