Propen Penicillin 100ml


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Pro-pen-G Penicillin 100ml for Sale

FORMULA: Each ml. It contains: Penicillin G. Procaine 300 000 IU
Vehicle cbp 1 ml.

Pro-pen-G Penicillin 100ml Indications of Use:

For the treatment and prevention of diseases in cattle and swine caused by pathogenic microorganisms sensitive to penicillin

Pro-pen-G Penicillin 100ml Dosage:

Bovine and Equine: 7ml./100kg.c/12-24 hrs.
Pigs: 1ml./20kg.c/12-24 hrs.

Pro-pen-G Route of Administration:

Deep intramuscular.


Keep the product in a cool, dry place protected from light.
It can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.
In case of allergic reaction consider the application of antihistamines.
The time of withdrawal in meat in Bovines is 10 days, the milk of treated animals is not consumed, until 48 hrs after the last treatment.
The meat of pigs treated with this product should not be consumed until 7 days after the last treatment.
Product for exclusive use in veterinary medicine.

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