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Buy Testogar is a well-known testosterone propionate supplement. It is a version of the hormone, just like cypionate or Sustanon. However, Testogar is a much smaller ester of the component – meaning that it enters the bloodstream faster.

As a result of this rapid action, more frequent injections are needed to ensure that the testosterone level in the blood will not decrease quickly, making it inefficient. So it is known to be a product of at least two or three injections per week, but a powerful tool for quick results.

Understand what Testogar is, its use and necessary care:

Testogar, as a short testosterone ester, is used for all the common benefits of the hormone, with very high absorption speed. Its effects – unlike longer esters – are quickly noticed by the body.

In this way, the action on building muscle mass, strength and resistance appears more quickly in the body. Like other versions of testosterone, in addition to direct action on muscle, the increase in red blood cells significantly improves oxygenation. This ensures higher physical endurance, and greater performance for the athlete.

To obtain the best results with Testogar, its use must be daily, or every two days. This is because the hormonal peak, depending on the injection, occurs between 24 and 36 hours after the hormone enters the body.

Therefore, it is not the most recommended hormone for beginners, or for those who do not like to give intramuscular injections. In the first testosterone cycles, use a longer ester, with easier use and more stable maintenance of hormone levels.

Buy Testogar

It is important to pay attention to the presence or absence of anesthetics in the Testogar vial. Because it requires an intramuscular injection, the procedure can be significantly painful. Those who are less resistant to pain should pay attention to the presence of anesthetics that can reduce the problem.

Testogar has the advantage of having a low level of aromatization. This means that female visual effects, such as the development of “breasts” in men, are less likely to occur. synedem-25-ml

Short life cycle

Due to the reduced size ester, the rapid absorption of the injected hormone is reduced. Testogar’s life cycle is estimated to be two or three days. Compared to other testosterone chemical structures, which can last for weeks and take a few days to be active in the body, this is a very short time.

For comparison, in the testosterone mixture Sustanon, which contains four different types of the hormone, propionate is the one with the fastest performance, and the shortest life cycle.


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