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Buscopan Compositum 100 ml

DESCRIPTION: Antispasmodic and long-acting analgesic.

COMPOSITION: Hyoscine, N-Butylbromide 0.4 mg. Dipyrone 500 mg. Vehicles and excipients qs 100 ml.

ACTION: Antispasmodic and long-acting analgesic. The central analgesic action of Dipyrone eliminates pain, and Hyoscine controls spasms of the digestive organs. Inhibition of the parasympathetic ganglia of the smooth muscle (anticholinergic effect). Central and local analgesic effect on the smooth muscles, reducing their excitability. Fast and sustained effect for 4 to 6 hours. Immediate restoration of gastrointestinal and urogenital functionality. It prevents hydrosaline imbalances by controlling symptomatic diarrhea. Reduces inflammation allowing normalization of injured tissues.

Buscopan Compositum 100 ml

INDICATIONS: Colic, diarrhea, fever, esophageal obstruction, gastroenteritis, bloating, urethral stones, phosphoric poisoning, painful spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, vomiting.

DOSAGE: Administer by intramuscular or slow intravenous route. Horses: 20-30 ml intravenously. Cattle: 20-25 ml. Calves and pigs: 5-10 ml. Piglets and lambs: 1-2 ml. Canines: 1-2.5 ml subcutaneous or intravenous.

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