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Banamine Solution 50 mg 250ml

Flunixin Meglumine, an antiprostaglandin substance, is a powerful therapeutic agent with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and anti-shock action. Flunixin Meglumine is not a narcotic or a steroid. At the traumatized site, the injured cell releases enzymes (phospholipase A2) that act on the phospholipids of the cell membrane, releasing unsaturated fatty acids (arachidonic acid) on which a multi-enzyme system called prostaglandin synthetase (cyclo oxygenase) acts. converts to prostaglandins. Research shows that prostaglandins are the cause of pain, inflammation, fever, shock, hypermotility, and diarrhea in gastrointestinal problems and bronchospasm in lung conditions. Contains Flunixin Meglumine 50 mg Indications in Horses: As an adjuvant anti-inflammatory in acute respiratory disease. In the antiprostaglandin treatment of inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and for the relief of visceral pain associated with colic, fever and colitis.

Banamine Solution 50 mg 250ml

Presentation 250 ml bottle * To be used only by zootechnical veterinary doctors *

* Restricted sale with a simple prescription: Auditable document for the prescription of a Group II pharmaceutical product, prepared by a veterinarian.

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