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The active substance, which causes the properties Alphabolin , an ester methenolone. This allows the drug to be one of the main steroid makes it quite quickly and efficiently to gain muscle mass, increase strength and endurance, which is perfect for people of all power sports.

Description of the properties of this steroid anabolic agent should be supplemented also by the following factors: a steroid does not aromatize and does not exhibit progestogenic activity. It is this quality of such manifestations of the drug as fat deposition and accumulation of water is minimal, and he quickly became popular in the sport after the invention in the mid-20th century. In addition it has many decades are widely used in medicine to treat various kinds of cancer in women and the manifestations of physiological delayed growth in children and adolescents.

Dosage Alphabolin drug

Alphabolin  – a quality steroid. But it is considered quite weak. In its structure there enantatny ether. Therefore, the drug at a dose of less than 400 milligrams per week does not make any sense. Athletes taking Alphabolin in UK, noted that this is only the drug will result in a waste of money. Taking the drug it is recommended with testosterone. Dosage – 500-900 mg weekly. Practice shows, the greater the dose, the better effect. In such a combination Alphabolin has several effects.

First, it enhances the effects of testosterone. Thus, 500 mg testosterone enanthate on effect will be equivalent to 750 milligrams.

Secondly, Alphabolin in Kiev actively buying more because he is loyal in relation to diet. Taking the drug, athletes do not necessarily adhere to a strict diet. However, the combination of proper nutrition and steroids guarantees a wonderful effect.

If you take a vehicle without testosterone, the dosage should be not less than 700-850 mg per week. You can also combine it with trenbolone. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the male force that without testosterone would be almost zero. For sexual rehabilitation require acceptance of additional drugs and regenerative therapy.

Alphabolin Reviews

It is not necessary to explain that before you start to use the drug, you need to examine the responses of 100 Primobol by British Dragon, which leaves athletes with experience prima steroid. In this regard, would be an indispensable forum in our shop, where every review by experienced sportsmen and veterans working in the sports sector.

Most athletes who have used injections of the same opinion. Reviews of Primobol 100 from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals said that a long time active substance found on the tests (up to 6 months), so not best suited for the reception before the competition, but it can be effectively used in the off-season or just sports fans to maintain nat. form.

Reviews of Primobol 100 confirms the fact that the steroid is safe for the body of the host and does not cause pobochek in compliance with the recommendations. Athletes with experience is not recommended to exceed the permissible dosage. Many are advised to take drugs after a course of post-cycle therapy (tamoxifen, etc.), Allowing you to achieve maximum performance and successfully overcome the recovery phase.



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